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Rerooted /re:ruːt:ed/: A new fortnightly podcast by iERA delivers an hour or so interesting issues on topics across the spectrum of religion, science, the quantum vacuum of fluctuating energy and beyond. Reroot your heart and mind.

Hosted by Musa Adnan, this podcast is pleasantly simple. He chats with people. But not just regular folk, some of the most interesting public speakers, comedians and filmmakers from around the globe. Upcoming guests include Zishan from ‘Smile2Jannah’, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Mufti Menk.

Episode 1

Join Musa Adnan as he interviews actor, screenwriter and spoken word artist Muslim Belal as he speaks candidly about racism in the Muslim community, how he escaped the ghetto, and his experiences of dodgy marriage proposals.

Episode 2

Musa is joined by Subboor Ahmad, postgraduate degree student in the philosophy of science, as they discuss all things Darwinism, evolution and biology.

Episode 3

On the aftermath of the New Zealand massacre, Dr Uthman Lateef breaks down the mindset of individuals who dehumanise others, making it easier to detach themselves when committing acts of terror against the innocent.

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