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Taking The Prophetic Mission To The World

12 Months | 23 Countries | 900 New Muslims | 250,000 Dawah Materials | 1 Message iERA is committed to conveying the call all around the world. Last year with the permission of Allah, you allowed us to grow and take the Prophetic Mission to 23 countries in just 12 months! To get deep dive, […]

We’re Hiring! International Outreach Specialist For Australasia

iERA conveys the call across the world. The work is continued on the ground by iERA Outreach Specialists who have the drive and passion to continue the Prophetic Mission. We are looking to hire an outreach specialist to cover the continent of Australasia. Do you have what it takes? The role will involve sharing a […]

Senior Administrator

Employment Type: Full Time Hours: 37.5 hours per week Remuneration: £26,000 Location: London Head Office Deadline: Friday 17th August 2018 Experience: 2+ years How To Apply: Email [email protected] with attached CV Job Purpose: To provide administrative support for iERA’s operations team and the wider iERA team. To ensure iERA’s communications are consistent with its key […]

Going Back To Cyprus

καλωσορίζω στην Κύπρος! (Welcome to Cyprus!) It began with a dream… The Prophet (peace be upon him) had a dream when resting in the home of Umm Milhan Bint Haram, and his supplication was for her to be one of the first ones to ride over the sea, continuing the Prophetic Mission. Many years later, […]

Introducing Jesus in Islam To The Mexicans

Islam in Mexico With Mexico being the second largest Catholic country in the world, it would probably surprise you to learn that their Muslim population has tripled in the last 15 years. Islam was introduced to Spanish speaking country primarily through immigration from the Middle East but most notably through a group of Spanish Sufis […]

Rafa B. — iERA’s First Summer Transfer Window Signing

From the streets of Guadalajara to the glittering minarets of Madinah – the following piece is not only how Allah (swt) guided Rafael to Islam but also how he has become a means of continuing the Prophetic Mission across Mexico. iERA’s primary aim as a charity is to find and empower duaat — individuals who […]

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