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Muhammad – Mercy To Mankind Campaign


This campaign has been designed to help you share who the Mercy To Mankind was – Muhammad peace be upon him. There are a number of ways to get involved such as running a ‘Mercy To Mankind’ campaign in your local area, ordering copies of our brand new ‘Words Of Mercy’ booklet which contains a compilation of hadith designed for Non-Muslims, order our ‘Cards of Mercy’ Gift Cards or finally, download our free social media set for you to share online.

Jacket - Coat of Arms copy

Organise A Campaign

This is a free download containing:

Print files of:

  • Cards Of Mercy Print Files
  • Words Of Mercy Booklet Print Files
  • T-Shirt/Jacket Design Print Files
  • Table Banner Print Files

It will also contain:

  • A ‘How-To’ Guide (Including Dawah Training Resources)

Order Dawah Materials

Order  ‘Cards Of Mercy’ and ‘Words Of Mercy’ to distribute locally.

In the meantime, you can order our new booklet ‘Words Of Mercy’ below in the UK or click here to order internationally.

Download Social Media Images

This is a free download of the ‘Words Of Mercy’ Social Media pack with a selection of the content designed for you to share online.