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Jesus: Man – Messenger – Messiah

Nearly two billion Christians and over 1.5 billion Muslims believe in him, yet Jesus is perhaps the most misunderstood and misrepresented person in history.

This book explores and demystifies Jesus – his life, teachings, personality and mission. It highlights commonalities but also examines differences between Christianity and Islam.

This book explains where and how the Qur’an challenges the traditional Church narrative.In doing so, it presents the reader with a compelling and clear understanding of Jesus and his true message. The book also demonstrates why the Qur’an is the ‘missing link’, that all important ‘bridge’ connecting Judaism and Christianity, uniting all of the Abrahamic faiths.

Fully referenced and packed with up-to-date research, yet written in a readable style, this book will change your perspective on Jesus and his message forever!

Jesus: Man, Messenger, Messiah



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I spent a lot of time reading and studying the book and in my view, it’s the best book in the English language on the topic of Jesus from an Islamic perspective and on the topic of deconstructing the Christian conception of Jesus in a warm, compassionate way. By reading this book I fell in love with Jesus again.
Andrew P.
I’m so glad the book is out! I have been waiting for it for weeks!
Nicolas V.
This book is captivating, educational and beautifully designed. I have close to 30 people who are waiting for a copy!
Auwalu A.

A Sneak Preview Inside The Book

1. The History of the Trinity: The many different views about Jesus in the early Church and how the Trinity has evolved over the centuries.
2. Trinity vs Bible: Why the Trinity is unbiblical.
3. Jesus in Islam: How the Qur’an restores the original, purely monotheistic message of Jesus.
4. Prophethood: How the Qur’an corrects the tarnished image of God’s prophets in the Bible.
5. No Blood, No Forgiveness: Why the theology of the cross compromises God’s love, justice and mercy.

6. The Crucifixion: Why the death of Jesus on the cross is the most misunderstood event in history.
7. Preservation: Why the Qur’an is the only Scripture in history that has been flawlessly preserved.
8. Paul: His conflict with the disciples and how he distorted the message of Jesus.
9. The Great Cover-Up: How Ishmael was written out of the Bible.
10. The Prophecy: How the Bible foretells the coming of an Arabian Prophet after Jesus.

About The Author

Abu Zakariya has had a life-long interest in comparative religion. Being born in Britain and influenced by his mixed heritage of Arab and European descent, he has had a strong focus on researching Islam and Christianity.

After many years of study, discussions and led by a desire to share his experiences in discussing Islam with people of all religious backgrounds, Abu Zakariya authored the popular comparative religion blog www.manyprophetsonemessage.com. He has continued his intellectual and academic pursuits by formally studying and learning from academic scholars trained in Islamic thought and theology.