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Help Spread The Message of Islam

iERA aims to fulfil the vision of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that Islam will enter every home. We have achieved a lot in the past year, with hundreds If not thousands of people guided to Islam through our various activities.

We have a number of initiatives currently in place to make us reach the Prophetic vision.

However for iERA to continue its programmes it needs your support. YOU can help bring the light of Islam into someone’s life. In this blessed month of Ramadan deeds are multiplied. Supporting the sharing of Islam (dawah) is a form of continued charity (sadaqah jariyah) as anyone who embraces Islam and any good deed they do, whether they pray, they fast, read Qur’an, give in charity…you get the same reward!

And if they have children who do the same, you get rewarded…the reward is continuous.

All our services such as training, dawah materials, new muslim support programs are offered free of charge to the public in order not to restrict anyone from receiving the beautiful message of islam or being empowered in conveying the message of Islam.

This ramadan iERA are raising for five main areas under which it carries out its various activities.

Dawah Missions | Muslim NowMission DawahAdvanced TrainingDeveloping Dawah Leaders

Should you wish to create a direct debit please email [email protected]

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For international donations, please contact [email protected]
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