The Divine Reality: God, Islam and The Mirage of Atheism (Newly Revised Edition)


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In The Divine Reality, author Hamza Andreas Tzortzis provides a compelling case for the rational and spiritual foundations of Islam, whilst intelligently and compassionately deconstructing atheism. Join him on an existential, spiritual and rational journey that articulates powerful arguments for the existence of God, the Qur’an, the Prophethood of Muhammad and why we must know, love and worship God. He addresses academic and popular objections while showing how contemporary atheism is based on false assumptions about reality, which leads to incoherent answers to life’s important questions.

What People Are Saying:

“It engages with the rising tide of atheism from an Islamic paradigm, and responds, in an erudite yet easily comprehensible manner, to the primary arguments espoused by the leading figures of New Age Atheism”
Dr Yasir Qadhi

“It is a pioneering effort which will hopefully guide the reader, and other writers, on how to answer the questions related to God’s existence and worship from the perspective of Islamic thought.”
Shaykh Omar Suleiman

“The Divine Reality is a valuable contribution to the ongoing exchange between Muslims and atheists. A key resource to have access to.”
Shaykh Muhammad Nizami

“Provides a clear and philosophically coherent analysis of arguments that on the surface appear new but in fact have been asked since time immemorial.”
Dr Mohamed Ghilan

A Sneak Preview Inside The Book

1. Atheism: It’s definition, history and growth
2. Life without God: the implications of atheism
3. Adversaries of Reason: why atheism is irrational
4. Self-evident: why atheism is unnatural
5. A universe from nothing? The Quran’s argument for God
6. The divine link: the argument from dependency
7. Denying god, denying you: the argument from consciousness
8. Divine precision: the designed universe
9. Know god, know good: god and the objective morality
10. Divine singularity: the oneness of god
11. Is god merciful: Islam’s response to the problem of evil and suffering
12. Has science disproved god? deconstructing false atheist assumptions
13. God’s testimony: the divine authorship of the Quran
14. The prophetic truth: the messenger of god
15. The free slave: why god is worth of worship