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Debate: Is Darwinian Evolution a Fact?

In an age of science and reason, novel questions are being raised about God, science and Darwinian evolution. This debate between Subboor Ahmad (iERA) and Aron Ra was hosted by the Hmanista of Houston (Texas, USA). From the discussion, you will learn: 1) The relationship between science and certainty 2) Why Darwinian Evolution is based […]

He Died For Our Sins – Was Jesus Really Crucified?

Welcome to iERA’s Prophetic Legacies Podcast Series. Throughout history, heroic tales of self-sacrifice have always appealed to mankind. The notion of Jesus sacrificing himself to redeem us is a noble one and undoubtedly is an aspect of Christianity that resonates deeply with its followers. Although it’s an emotional and perhaps beautiful notion, is it true, was […]

The Prophetic Post – May 2018