Re-kindling the Prophetic Mission across the Middle East

Sara Moussalli from Lebanon set up a huge dawah event, conveying the call and inviting people to embrace the Prophetic Mission. 100 brothers and 60 sisters helped her in her effort to reach out and share the message of Islam to local communities in a very difficult environment. This is an incredible effort considering that […]

New Countries Opened Thanks To You!

Thanks to the support and donations you provided during Ramadan 2016, iERA has now established international dawah teams all around the world from Mexico to Fiji and everywhere in between! We are now working in 6 continents worldwide providing dawah based activities as well as new Muslim support programmes in order to make mankind more […]

Media Meltdown Over Global Dawah!

On Saturday 20th August 2016, iERA volunteer teams in 160 countries took to the streets to convey a peaceful and compassionate case for Islam in their communities. From east to west, from north to south, people of every colour, race and religion, from every corner of the globe were invited to Islam as a complete […]

They’re Talking About Islam In Every Corner Of The World…

As part of iERA’s ‘World Dawah Mission’ campaign, we developed, trained, and empowered international dawah teams to call people to Allah on the 20th August 2016. The message was simple yet profound: Is Life Just a Game? The teams were given iERA t-shirts and dawah materials and were instructed to convey the call to Islam […]

Welcome To The Prophetic Post!

Dear brothers and sisters, It gives me great pleasure to launch the Prophetic Post! This is our new monthly newsletter designed to keep you, our supporters informed and up-to-date with all the very latest goings-on here at iERA and what we are doing to bring our brothers and sisters in humanity closer to their Creator. […]

iERA Milestone: 10th New Muslim Retreat

On Friday 26th August 2016, iERA celebrated its 10th retreat for new Muslims. iERA’s four-day educational retreats aim to empower new Muslim attendees from across the world to grow and build a deeper connection with Allah (ﷻ). After 10 hours of direct classroom teaching with a qualified instructor, and 7 hours of interactive workshops plus […]

Support The Prophetic Legacy of Abraham!

Support The Prophetic Legacy The month of Dhul Hijjah is all about the Prophetic Legacy of Ibrahim (AS) Known as the friend of Allah, the rituals of Hajj, the offering of qurbani and the building of the Kaaba are all connected with Ibrahim (AS). This is why iERA makes a special effort to convey the […]

The Eternal Challenge Workshop USA Tour

Imagine you’re at work, university or watching a documentary – you can’t help but feel that the Quran is being dismissed as irrational and incoherent: “The Quran was written by a man”, “The Quran copied the Bible”, and “The Quran has no evidence for its claims”.   You cannot answer these questions and you’re not […]