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A World First: Global Dawah Day 2014

A World First: Global Dawah Day 2014


On Saturday 5th July, a historical landmark moment took place in almost 100 cities worldwide.

Hundreds of people took part in Global Dawah Day 2014 inviting all of mankind to worship their Lord and Creator and to follow the guidance given to the prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). This was the culmination of the “What’s Your Goal?” dawah campaign which was designed to coincide with the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. This campaign, instigated by the Islamic Education & Research Academy (iERA), empowered dedicated Muslim brothers and sisters from places such Barcelona (Spain) to Gyeongsan (South Korea) to hit the streets of their local cities to get people to think about their own goal or purpose in life. This question can only be answered through Islam, submission to our Lord and Master, God Almighty (Allah).

The aim of the event was to encourage Muslims to engage with their local communities in order to explain and present the beautiful religion of Allah, subhanahu wa ta’aalaa,

The hub of the campaign was London, UK, where hundreds of Muslims spent time in key locations within the city, sharing the message of Islam in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Research shows that 76% of the British public have never spoken to a Muslim about Islam. This was a unique opportunity for Muslims to change the narrative and negative perceptions about Islam and Muslims. The emphasis was not only about people converting to Islam, but to strike warm and meaningful conversations with a view to building long-term relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The day in London started off at the Water Lily where over 400 participants were presented with a motivational talk about the importance of giving dawah to non-Muslims by iERA’s Chairman, Abdurraheem Green.

iERA’s Head of Research, Hamza Tzortzis, then conducted a dawah training session which focused on teaching not only key arguments about the truthfulness of Islam but how to build personal connections with people which is the foundation of any relationship whether it is for the sake of dawah or not.

Participants were given access to a ‘shahadah’ web app which allows new Muslims to be routed through a process where they would attain help and information on their new journey as Muslims.

The entire group prayed together and were reminded by the Imam that the purpose of dawah was to bring people to the worship of their Lord, especially prayer so they could feel the sweetness of connection with Allah. They were then divided into groups who then went to give dawah in their respective locations namely: Leicester Square, Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, the London Eye and Trafalgar Square.
Other cities around the world operated their dawah day in a similar fashion with locally-conducted training sessions and then dispatch with the da’ees donning the now famous “What’s Your Goal?” t-shirts.

By the Grace of Allah, Shaikh Muhammad Salah, the popular English-speaking Egyptian scholar from Huda TV, joined the team in Cairo, may Allah preserve and bless the shaikh for leading by example.