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New Video: Why iERA?


Eight years ago, we found iERA with a simple purpose – to convey the call!

Our work spans six continents across the globe. It involves empowering and educating Muslims on how to articulate Islam with compassion and reason. It also involves designing, developing and distributing thousands of materials across the world. We also roll out high impact global campaigns. Over the years many people have accepted Islam through our work.

But what do we do with the new Muslims?

We focus on empowering them by teaching them the essentials of the religion and also teaching them how to perform the salaah (prayer).

So how can you help? By becoming a companion of the Prophetic Mission.

When you donate to our work you share in the reward of all that we do. Remember what the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasalam said: That the deeds that are most beloved to Allah are the ones that are done regularly even if they are little. (Bukhara)

This Ramadan we need your support.

Imagine if just one person accepts Islam via your donation – you’ll get the reward of all of their good deeds.

Support the dawah – https://iera.org/single-donation/ – 100% Zakat applicable.