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Whole Village Embraces Islam In The Philippines

Whole Village Embraces Islam In The Philippines


In the early hours of Sunday morning, the iERA team left Bogo City and headed off to travel by ferry to Bantayan Island to Convey the Call and to reconnect humanity back to God. Enroute to the port and before boarding the ferry, the travelling team were invited to Cebu Madinah Mosque, a local masjid run by a revert to Islam, Abu Bakr Arabis.

Abu Bakr Arabis is the local legend, who since he reverted to Islam has built a masjid and established a local community of New Muslims from all the Dawah Outreach work he had been involved in for over a dozen years. He has developed over forty New Muslim satellite communities from all his Dawah Outreach work in the surrounding villages across Cebu Island. Abu Bakr Arabis also runs a local Islamic radio station which he uses to inform people about the message of Islam, and as a result, thousands of people have embraced Islam.

With the help of Abu Bakr Arabis, the iERA team prepared dry food packs at Medina Masjid that would be used to later that day to distribute to the poor. The iERA team then boarded the ferry to Bantayan Island and proceeded to hire motorbikes tor the outreach team and travelled as a convoy to the remote part of the island to visit local villagers.

Upon arrival at the village, a local symposium was organised to Convey the Message of Islam. The audience with around 250 attendees from a predominantly Christian background were mesmerised by a passionate talk by both Abu Bakr Arabis and Esa Khan. They spoke about the similarities between Islam and Christianity and the true message of the Prophet Jesus (as) which was to worship Almighty God Alone.

As a result of this and by the permission of Almighty God, the whole village accepted Islam — with 215 people declaring their testimony of faith under the instructions of Esa Khan and Abu Bakr Arabis.

Least to say it was an emotionally charged moment — as the whole village accepted Islam together as one united community. Following on from this, the pre-prepared food packs were distributed to the poor who were delighted to receive much-needed food that included 5 kilos of rice alongside dry food cans.

As the sun began to set in the evening, the iERA team headed back to Lapu-Lapu City, first by returning to the port by ferry and then proceeding by coach on a 5-hour journey back to rest up and continue their efforts for more initiatives.

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