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Welcoming Irish New Muslims To The Community!

Welcoming Irish New Muslims To The Community!


For three days (15th – 17th September 2017) iERA was invited to deliver a series of training courses specifically to help support the growing new Muslim Community in Waterford, Ireland.

iERA’s Salahuddin Patel travelled to the historic City to deliver a weekend of training which was requested as a result of the consistent local outreach work that has led to several Irish natives accepting the message of Islam.

The training was attended by members of the inviting organisation, the Tawheed Centre, as well as by members of the Discover Islam team from Dublin who had organised an Islamic exhibition in nearby Cork.

The training commenced on Friday, at the Tawheed Centre with iERA’s Empowering New Muslims Workshop.

This workshop gave the attendees practical tools to:

  • Welcome new Muslims to the beautiful religion of Islam,
  • Educate new Muslims to learn the foundations of Islam and
  • Empower new Muslims to overcome the challenges they may face.

The ultimate objective of the workshop is to give the local Muslim community the tools to help new Muslims become members of the community who enrich and positively contribute back to it.

The following Saturday morning, we delivered training to members of the Tawheed Centre who will be responsible for setting up and running their weekly new Muslim classes.

Whilst the class was being delivered, there was a pleasant surprise as a young lady named Laura walked into the centre and wanted to embrace Islam. She took her shahadah in the presence of the class which gave them an opportunity to joyously welcome her and practically implement what they had learned the day before at the Empowering New Muslims Workshop.

On Saturday evening there was an inspirational and motivational talk by Salahuddin Patel who shared his journey to Islam. The talk was entitled ‘The Many Faces of Idol Worship – Modernity and Idolatry.’

Finally, to help kickstart the Weekly New Muslim classes in Waterford, Salahuddin Patel delivered the first introductory session to the local new Muslims. It was a resounding success with the new Muslims enjoying the fun and engaging class. They are now looking forward to attending the weekly classes at the Tawheed Centre.