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ISOC President Highlights Need For Dawah Training

ISOC President Highlights Need For Dawah Training


Murtaza Chaudhary was invited to Warwick University to train the Muslim students on how to convey the call of Islam in a kind a compassionate manner. The head of the Islamic Society (ISOC), Ibraheem (a medical student) was the one who highlighted the need for the ISOC members to receive Dawah training.

Murtaza began the session by highlighting the critical error most Muslims face when conveying the message of Islam – the urge to answer every nuanced question a non-Muslim may ask about Islam. Falling into such a trap results in the lack of leading the discussion and, hence, where is the invite/dawah? For example, the first question when answered leads to a second, third, fourth and so on and so forth. By the time the daee has answered the umpteenth question, they are mentally exhausted and haven’t achieved a great deal with respect to conveying the call.

iERA’s trademarked ‘GORAP’ methodology side-steps the issue of numerous uncomfortable questioning and instead directly goes to the root of the conversation’s objective for example

Tawheed/God consciousness (the G in GORAP). It’s a simple acronym to remember, reassuring the daee that if the conversation goes off-track, they can continue to convey the call in a compassionate manner, with conviction!

One of the attendees asked an intriguing question: “Who created God?” Murtaza explained firstly, the question is flawed, it’s similar to asking “Where is the squared-circle?” because Allah (God) is the uncreated creator by definition. The second angle of clarification came from the philosophical concept of the ‘infinite regress’. If one asks “who created God”, then we can realign the question to “who created the God that created the God”. Imagine this ran back ad infinitum. Would there be a God in existence at all? The answer is no, hence God is uncreated and is The All-Powerful, and The All-Wise.

ISOC President Ibraheem agreed to elect one of the ISOC members, as a Dawah Leader, which is encouraging to say the least! iERA will continue to mentor the on-campus dawah activities of the ISOC, to assist in their growth and development in the field of Dawah.

Outreach Specialist Murtaza Chaudhary, along with other iERA team members such as volunteer Jerry Coghlan (a revert to Islam) hope to return to Warwick University to assess the progress of the ISOC. iERA will be looking to bestow their many years of dawah experience via empowerment, motivation and encouragement techniques to further develop the members of the ISOC to carry out dawah on campus effectively.

iERA have also principally agreed to supply a free and constant supply of books, flyers and other printed dawah materials. As well as planning in the future to have new avenues of dawah for Warwick such as Ramadan Iftaars (inviting, for example, other student societies such as the Jewish, Christian, or Humanist Society) with gift boxes. Another iERA incentive is to set up a ‘Coffee Shop Dawah stall’, where free coffee will be distributed on campus, which will, in turn, create organic dialogue to further create a healthy dialogue between ISOC members and their peers.

To arrange dawah training for your ISOC, please visit www.iera.org/request