Mo Salah – Helping You To Share Islam!

A recent example of a popular British Muslim athlete is Mo Farah, but let’s be honest with ourselves, athletics doesn’t invoke the same type passion amongst the British public as football does. Since his arrival at Liverpool Football Club (LFC) in June 2017, Mohamed Salah’s dazzling performances on the pitch has seen him win the […]

Honduras… Errr Where’s That Again!?

Honduras is located within the epicentre of Central America — illustrated on its iconic flag as the star in the middle — the nation shares its borders with El Salvador on the south-west, Nicaragua south-east and Guatemala to the west. In line with continuing the Prophetic Mission across the globe, the iERA team visited this […]

iERA’s First Jesus Exhibition In Latin America (Part 1)

Saqib Ali
iERA’s Jesus Exhibition acted as the perfect dawah initiator in Latin America. It was held at a private university in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. The surrounding area was scenic and serene, with Honduras’ unique folds of hills with the dichotomy of humble shanty town-esque rusty huts alongside properties plucked from a Beverly Hills brochure. […]

Changing The Face Of Islam In Europe

The total number of Muslims in Europe (excluding Turkey) in 2010 was about 44 million (6% of the total population), according to estimates by the Pew Forum. With such a vibrant and growing community, having the skills to continue the Prophetic Mission in a warm, friendly and compassionate manner is no longer a nicety but […]

How To Understand Science & The Qur’an

In this short video, Hamza Tzortzis discusses ‘The Multilayered and Multileveled Approach‘ to understanding the timeless nature of the Qur’an. He also examines the viral videos published by ‘There Is No Clash’. Download the slides here. The Multilayered and Multileveled Approach cover three main areas: 1. Levels of Human Understanding: The Qur’an addresses various levels […]

Sharing The Beauty Of Islam With The Vikings

Odense is the third-largest city in Denmark with a growing population of around 10,000 Muslims. After a successful programme in 2014 with the then Head of Research, Hamza Tzortzis, iERA were invited once again by Muslimsk Ungdom i Danmark to work with the local Muslim community to continue the Prophetic Mission. iERA Outreach Specialists Murtaza Chaudhary […]

Giving #MercyToMankind In London

In the heart of London, in  Leicester Square, iERA unveiled an art installation about the Prophet of Mercy – Muhammad peace be upon him. #MercyToMankind The idea was based on the fact that most people do not like being approached or having conversations. At iERA, we strive to develop strategies to convey the call to […]

Kuwait: The Trisect Trip – Talks, Interviews & Meetings

iERA CEO Hamza Tzortzis visited the Gulf nation of Kuwait in April 2018 with two main of objectives; delivering talks along with visiting various influentials and senior members of various organisations to further the cause of conveying the call in a peaceful and effective manner both on a regional and global front. YAQEENI, YAQEENI CAMPAIGN […]