Catholic Man Isn’t Frightened Of Islam Anymore

Saqib Ali
iERA’s Jesus Exhibition tour continued at  Newcastle City Library on Saturday 20th January 2018 The Jesus Exhibition is a culmination of a series of banners highlighting the importance of Jesus and his place amongst the top 5 most influential Prophets within Islam. Mikayl Yayha (a revert who attended iERA’s New Muslim Retreats when he first […]

Month Long Dawah Training in West London

Saqib Ali
Over the course of a month, iERA’s Outreach Specialist Murtaza Chaudhary held weekly Dawah Training sessions at the Munara Islamic Centre in West Drayton, London. The first two sessions focused on core aspects of the dawah. Beginning with the definition of dawah, sincerity, sincerity, motivations and rewards of dawah. Expanding on the holistic nature of […]

ISOC President Highlights Need For Dawah Training

Saqib Ali
Murtaza Chaudhary was invited to Warwick University to train the Muslim students on how to convey the call of Islam in a kind a compassionate manner. The head of the Islamic Society (ISOC), Ibraheem (a medical student) was the one who highlighted the need for the ISOC members to receive Dawah training. Murtaza began the […]

Sharing The Message Of Islam On The Streets Of Paris

Saqib Ali
iERA was invited to deliver a dawah training course and workshop on Atheism in France for the ‘Mercy For Mankind’ organisation who are conveying the call to Islam on the streets of Paris. This team are active during the weekend and usually concentrate within the tourist hotspots of the city. However, they were needed the ability […]

iERA Empowers Influential Canadian Imams and Scholars

Saqib Ali
iERA kicked off January 2018 in style with a five-day specialist dawah training programme for 15 influential imams, scholars and leaders from who have access to most of the Muslim community across Canada. This exclusive programme was designed to introduce them to iERA’s dawah training methodology, the GORAP alongside a specific focus on topics around […]

What has iERA Done With Your Money?

For most, January is the start of the new year, but not for iERA! As a global Charity committed to conveying the call to Islam on every continent, we work from Ramadan To Ramadan. So, where have we taken the Prophetic Mission in the last six months? Our strategic focus is to develop outreach specialists […]

iERA Unveil Its Brand New Jesus Exhibition

Saqib Ali
Every Christmas, iERA aim to invite people to learn more about and explore the life of one of greatest Prophets – Jesus. This year, iERA created a Jesus Exhibition that takes people on a journey through the life and teachings of Jesus. To launch the exhibition, iERA set up in Friends House, directly opposite one […]