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Unlocking the Hearts in London

Unlocking the Hearts in London


As part of our ongoing activities, iERA’s outreach team headed once again to the iconic Leicester Square in London to spend a few hours engaging the passers-by in conversation about Islam.

Recognising A Higher Power

iERA Outreach Specialist, Nadeem Ashraf spoke to an Italian visitor, Valentina, about the need for a creator. Even though English wasn’t her first language, she made it clear from the beginning that she was an atheist and did not believe in God.

Nadeem was able to communicate the concept of a Creator by bringing the conversation to the design of the universe and how it clearly points to a designer. Valentina reacted positively, indicating that she understood what was being said, she happily took a copy of iERA’s ‘Is Life Just A Game’ booklet and mentioned that she would continue her research on our One Reason website.

Understanding The Prophet of God – Jesus

iERA Volunteer, Gerry Coghlan got into a conversation with a Christian Nigerian visitor about her beliefs. She readily admitted that she only believes in Christianity because of her upbringing and has never questioned her beliefs.

Gerry introduces her to the concept of Islamic monotheism, tawheed, and broke down Islam’s view of Jesus being one of the most revered Prophets of God. Through the conversation, she agreed that tawheed made more sense and that Jesus as a Prophet of God is a more coherent narrative, rather than being the begotten son of God.

Overall, a number of individuals briefly stopped by the stall during the course of the afternoon. All of them interacted with the team after taking a booklet/flyer and could be seen absorbing the information with enthusiasm.

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