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UK Specialist Dawah Training Weekend (Recap)

UK Specialist Dawah Training Weekend (Recap)


15 dawah leaders from all over the UK attended iERA’s purpose-built classroom to participate in a 3-day dawah course. The course was specifically designed to ensure that the knowledge and dawah experience of the attendees were enhanced. There were plenty of practical role-plays to simulate real-life examples as well as group discussions. The attendees were a unique blend of mixed backgrounds be it; businessmen, young students, family men and others. This is positive for the dawah as the attendees can now convey the call effectively to various strands of British society. They are now qualified to compassionately convey the message of Islam.

The dawah leaders were truly inspired. During the training, they declared their intention to implement what they had learnt. For example, one of the attendees made a commitment to teaching the content to his local community. Another dawah leader declared that one of the biggest lessons he has learnt from the training was to connect with people more; to be more compassionate in his approach to the dawah. One participant declared that the training did not give him fish, but taught him how to fish. In other words, he was not only given answers, he was given the concepts to address most dawah questions and interactions.

We also had an academic (PhD) who has been researching at Oxford University for almost a decade. He made a commitment to be a beacon of light for his community by sharing the beautiful and profound message of Islam.

The 3-day training was full of insights and wisdom. The course covered a range of topics. These included:

  • Why Allah is worthy of our worship
  • The role of the fitrah (innate nature) in dawah.
  • Evidence for revelation and the Prophet peace be upon him.
  • Why God is a self-evident truth.
  • Intellectual arguments for God.
  • How to develop empathy and compassion.
  • How to listen with the intent to understand.

The attendees have gone back to various parts of the UK feeling spiritually elevated and empowered to convey the call.