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Tropical Dawah In Maldives


On Thursday 13th August 2015, iERA’s Head of Education and Research, Hamza Tzortzis, was invited by the Government of Maldives to deliver a series of public lectures, as well as attending a range of strategic meetings to expand the global dawah movement.

Upon arrival, Hamza delivered a lecture entitled “Is Life Just a Game?” with an extensive question and answer session. That evening, he was invited to meet and have dinner with the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr Ahmed Ziyad Bagir.

The following day, Hamza had a very productive meeting with an NGO, and delivered a lecture entitled “Peaceful Submission: The Religion of Love and Mercy” at the Islamic Centre in Malé.

As a result of this trip, a number of key actions have been established with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and the local NGO. These include the facilitation of extensive training this winter on tackling the rise of atheism in Maldives, and translations and distribution of iERA dawah materials for the benefit of the 1.2 million visitors to the country each year.