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To know Good, you need to know God

To know Good, you need to know God


Ramadan saw the launch of iERA’s latest innovative dawah material and campaign, ‘Know God, Know Good’.

The campaign very simply and clearly shares the names and attributes of God in a way that engages the reader, taking them on a spiritual journey of discovery.

The material begins:

“To know Good, you need to know God”

Through this campaign, we hope that when people understand and internalise the names and attributes of God, it should create a desire to lovingly connect and worship Him.

The campaign has a 4-fold approach to conveying the call.

  1. A beautifully designed and written booklet – both hardcopy and eBook – to share the message
  2. Striking T-Shirts with specific names of God on them like ‘The Most Loving’ to spark a conversation.
  3. An eye-catching table banner to draw people in.
  4. A meticulously written landing page at www.iera.org/God to continue their journey.

The launch of this campaign took place in London at various iconic sites across the city including Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Marble Arch and The Serpentine in Hyde Park.

As to be expected, the campaign drew huge crowds with more than 1,200 Know God Know Good booklets being distributed over the three days. iERA’s founder and Chairman, Abdurraheem Green was drawn into a number of interesting dawah conversations with passers-by who stopped to get a free booklet from us.

Over Ramadan, iERA will be touring the UK and Ireland with this new campaign, conveying the call and reconnecting people with their creator. iERA teams in India, Honduras, Ghana and the USA will also be doing the same.

Follow iERA on Facebook for the latest updates on the campaign or order your own set of Know God Know Good booklets to distribute during this blessed month of Ramadan.