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Through The Eyes Of A First Time Caller

Through The Eyes Of A First Time Caller


On Sunday 16th September 2018, an iERA Jesus Exhibition was organised at the Selimiye Masjid, in Lefkosia, North Cyprus. Tourists, visitors and locals gathered in good numbers to view the beautiful architecture of the historic Masjid as well as to look around the attractive exhibition. They picked up the free books for themselves which included our titles: ‘Jesus: Man, Messenger, Messiah book’, ‘Qur’an – A Short Journey’, ‘Eternal Challenge’, and ‘Know God, Know Good’. All are available for free from our online shop at https://iera.org/shop/

One of the volunteer sisters wrote these memorable words highlighting her experience:

It was my first time being a part of a da’wah exhibition, the Jesus Exhibition. Every step I took towards the mosque, I kept asking Allah to help me maintain my sincerity and to guide me so that I do not misguide anyone.

The exhibition started, an introduction was given and deep inside I was thankful to be in a situation where I actually have a platform to spread the message of Islam.

As I was holding two books in my hands, a lady and her husband came into the mosque and started reading the banners. As they came closer I greeted them, explained what the exhibition was all about and offered them the books. Her husband explained that they had read the banners and that they appreciated the message but would not be able to take the books because they didn’t have enough luggage space. The lady looked at me with this gentle look as if she wanted to say something, then he spoke to her in their language (If I remember correctly they spoke French), and they left.

A few minutes later, the lady came back to me, alone, with the same gentle look that she had before except this time she looked like she was about to cry, and said that she would like to take a book. She went on further to explain that she was a Roman Catholic and when she was young she would like to read about the Islamic perspective on the life of Jesus (as).

I was happy that she came back to get the book. After she had left, I kept replaying the scenario in my head, questions started filling my mind. If she was Roman Catholic, what is her belief now? For a moment I blamed myself for not even asking her what her faith was at that moment in time but then I told myself that it was my first time and that I should learn from it.

It was that look in her eyes, that spiritual thirst, the memories of her childhood and her inclination to want to know the truth, that made me realise that da’wah is more vital than I thought it was. It made me internalize that there are people out there that are looking for the truth and don’t know where to find it and that my failure to spread the message would be doing injustice to humanity.

I pray that Allah guides her and her family to the truth and blesses them with eternal happiness. May Allah illuminate the path of all truth seekers. Ameen.

Our Jesus Exhibition lives with the Muslim Students Association in North Cyprus who are ready and waiting to roll out more and more exhibitions, not just at Selimiye Mosque, but at different mosques and institutions across Cyprus!.

May Allah bless and reward all those involved and guide many to understanding the true beauty of the message of Islam, Ameen!