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The season of goodwill is upon us!

The season of goodwill is upon us!


Most people associate Christmas with miraculous birth of Jesus – known as the one who was blessed by God.

Jesus spent his life sharing these blessings with those around him, making people aware of God and why they should worship Him alone.

His miracles of healing the sick and bringing the dead back to life all served to help focus peoples’ minds on the blessings that God has bestowed upon them.

This is why during this season of goodwill, iERA is working hard around the world to share the true teachings of Jesus with our brothers and sisters in humanity, and why they should be grateful to God for everything that they have been given.

This was the theme that defined the Prophetic Mission of Jesus and this is what we convey.

We can only do this due to the duas, and generous donations we receive from you.

Just 99p per day, £30 a month will allow us to continue conveying the call in six continents around the world!

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