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The Prophetic Post – September 2017

The Prophetic Post – September 2017


Welcome To The Prophetic Post!

We had an exceptional Dhul Hijjah campaign! Allahu akbar!

During the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah, we released a 10 episode lecture series on the Prophet Abraham – The Friend of God, which we streamed live on both Facebook and YouTube. For 20 minutes a day, viewers gained insight about one of the greatest Prophets to walk this earth, the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam!

If you did miss out on the lecture series, we have the video playlist below and for you not to miss out again like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel, to receive a notification when we publish new videos!

Courses/Training Updates

As a charity one of our key objectives is to cultivate new Muslims and for over six years now, we’ve been successfully running the New Muslim Retreat, alhamdullilah! Two opportunities are quickly approaching for reverts to meet like-minded individuals on a 4-day course at the end of September and November, for more details scroll down!

At the end of the Summer, iERA successfully completed Exclusive Online Dawah Training to Global Dawah Leaders spanning all 6 Continents over a six month period. These online dawah training webinars comprised of two hour bi-weekly fully interactive webinars.

Looking closer to home, we will be inviting approximately fourteen UK dawah leaders to attend our specialist dawah training course on the 15th 16th and 17th September 2017.

Scroll down to learn more about our Dawah activities, new booking process and an interfaith event we attended.

New Muslim Retreats

Dhul Hijjah series recap

New training booking process

UK Dawah