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The Prophetic Post – November 2017

The Prophetic Post – November 2017


Welcome To The Prophetic Post!


It’s truly been a global month for iERA!

We kicked off October by delivering an advanced dawah training course to imams and scholars in Birmingham, UK. We then flew to Fort McMurray, Canada to support and enhance their outreach activities with our dawah training and materials. At the same time, we launched our first ever international New Muslim Retreat in Lithuania where Henryk embraced Islam with us.

Continuing our development of the team in Oxford, UK, we got into some profound discussions. From there, we travelled to Amsterdam, Netherlands to help them tackle the rise of atheism with compassion and reason through lectures and a dawah training course. Back in England, we joined with the Mayor of Islington to host an exhibition about Islam.

After that, we were back in Toronto, Canada to deliver the keynote speeches at the 43rd Annual ISNA Canada Convention and Gala Dinner. Approaching the end of this busy month we travelled to Hong Kong to deliver a series of talks, lectures and dawah training for a number of organisations and university groups across the vibrant city. As a result of that training, everything fell into place for Imke who embraced Islam with us!

Finally, back in London, England we launched our weekly class for New Muslims.


iERA is truly committed to conveying the call across the world. In just this month, we’ve been able to continue the Prophetic Mission in Europe, North America and Asia.

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