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The Prophetic Post – May 2018

The Prophetic Post – May 2018


From everyone here at iERA,
Ramadan Mubarak!

May Allah ﷻ accept all our worship, fasting and charity given in this blessed month, Ameen.

Allah gave the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him a mission in Ramadan. This was the mission given to all the Prophets before – to reconnect humanity to Allah: to know, love, obey and direct all acts of worship to Him alone.

This is what we mean by the Prophetic Mission!

iERA is dedicated to continuing this cause – sharing a compassionate and intelligent case for Islam with the entire world.

April 2018 saw iERA continue conveying the call in England, Honduras,  Japan, Kuwait,
Mexico and South Korea

We also invited imams and leaders from across Europe for six-day specialist dawah training course with a number of key strategic objectives in mind. Representatives from Austria, France, Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Spain and Sweden convened in London for this historic event.

Throughout this Ramadan, we will be continuing our global campaign – Muhammad: Mercy To Mankind.

The campaign revolves around exemplifying the mercy of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to those who are not already familiar with him or his teachings.

iERA is truly committed to conveying the call across the world.

This month, with your support, we’ve been able to continue the Prophetic Mission in Asia, Europe and South America.

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