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The Prophetic Post – July 2017

The Prophetic Post – July 2017


Welcome To The Prophetic Post!

This Ramadan was groundbreaking!

We launched a brand new campaign, ’Know God, Know Good’ with its thought provoking and heartwarming book on God’s names and attributes. We kicked off the campaign with a tour of UK & Ireland. This campaign also went global with a number of our international teams participating as well. This Ramadan was about giving our brothers and sisters in humanity the opportunity to reconnect with God.

Ramadan was also a month of thousands of you becoming companions to the Prophetic Mission. You believed in our vision and were extremely generous with your donations. May Allah reward you abundantly. With your support, we have already planned an amazing year (our operational year starts at the end of each Ramadan).

This is why we have hit the ground running!

We have already confirmed a group of Imam’s, outreach specialists and community workers from the US, including our US Lead Shaykh Fahad Tasleem, to come to the UK at the end of July. They will be spending around 10 days being trained and developed on how to articulate Islam with compassion and reason, as well as how to develop new Muslims.

This intense training will happen at our HQ office in London in our brand new conference and training room. We will be using this education facility to provide free development and training for Muslims and new Muslims  all around the world. Watch this space for a year full of bespoke courses, outreach workshops, seminars, short and long courses and much more!

We sincerely believe that it is through the development of people that we will achieve our goal of compassionately and intelligently sharing Islam
with the world!

There’s so much more we’ve been doing, so scroll down and tap on something to find out more!

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