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The Prophetic Post – August 2017

The Prophetic Post – August 2017


Welcome To The Prophetic Post!

The launch of our new classroom was phenomenal!

July saw 26 scholars, imams and outreach specialists from North America and Europe complete a 9-day specialist dawah training course on how to convey the call at iERA’s brand new training room in London.

The training focussed on  developing them to articulate Islam with compassion and reason, as well as how to develop new Muslims. They’ve now returned home with commitments to continue their outreach activities and deliver beginner and advanced workshops in their respective Mosques and institutions.

In addition, the entire course was recorded and will be published online in due course so make sure you like us on Facebook and have subscribed to our YouTube channel to get a notification when we publish new videos!

Upcoming courses!

We’re getting ready to publish a full calendar of beginner and advanced dawah training courses, weekly new Muslim classes and a series of public lectures on bespoke topics so watch this space!

All of the above has kick-started our new strategic focus on developing and supporting individuals who will be agents of positive change and transformation in their local communities to continue the Prophetic Mission.

Scroll down to watch some exclusive excerpts from the 9-day course including a mesmerising introduction from our founder, Abdurraheem Green!

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