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Talking Islam with The Abrahamic Foundation


The Abrahamic FoundationOn Saturday 8th August 2015, iERA’s Mission Dawah team we were invited by The Abrahamic Foundation in Birmingham to deliver a full day dawah training course.

The course was delivered by Imran Hussein, who was pleasantly surprised to see a turnout of over 40 brothers and sisters, eager to learn and gain important skills to convey the message of Islam.

During the course, we had a lot of interaction with the attendees, and were asked very intelligent questions, which showed that the information and content iERA are producing is reaching people, and they are able to absorb it.

By the end of the training, we had several attendees that were really motivated to take action, with some looking to set up their own local dawah teams, and others who wanted to join existing regional teams.

The one thing that really inspired the instructor was the number of young brothers and sisters in their early teens, who were enthusiastic to learn about articulating Islam to the wider public.

Overall, it was a very successful training session, during which we were able to, with the permission of Allah (ﷻ), to inspire and provide answers to pressing questions that people had.