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Taking The Prophetic Mission To The World


12 Months | 23 Countries | 900 New Muslims | 250,000 Dawah Materials | 1 Message

iERA is committed to conveying the call all around the world. Last year with the permission of Allah, you allowed us to grow and take the Prophetic Mission to 23 countries in just 12 months! To get deep dive, click here but as there’s too much to share, here’s a highlight of what we managed to achieve.

In North and South America, iERA unveiled iERA’s Jesus Exhibition. As a result, many people embraced Islam.

In the UK we focused on delivering specialist dawah training to imams, scholars and leaders from across the EU, Canada and the USA. We also travelled to many of their countries to engage in local training and community outreach.

In the South East African country of Malawi where many people embraced Islam with us, we’ve built our first community – Masjid Hannah!

iERA’s presence was felt all across Asia with activities like feeding the homeless in Japan, training organisations in the Philippines, Jesus Exhibitions in Bahrain and Malaysia, community outreach in Thailand, a cultural open day in South Korea and welcoming new Muslims in Hong Kong.

Finally, to support this work, we also distributed over 250,000 of our dawah materials to more than 140 countries around the world. This includes helping over 900 new Muslims to grow in their Islam.

May Allah reward you for helping us convey the message of Islam to our brothers and sisters in humanity.

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