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Tackling the ‘Failed Hypothesis?’ in Manchester


On Saturday 16th January 2016, iERA delivered the ‘Failed Hypothesis: Islam, The Qur’an & Science’ workshop at The University of Salford in Manchester. The workshop was designed to tackle the flawed scientific approach to proving the divine nature of the Qur’an, and covered the beauty of Islam and the Qur’an.

The full day workshop covered several interesting topics delivered by different speakers including:
1. ‘Lost Legacy: Islam’s Influence on Modern Science’ by Dr Ayaat Bashir
2. ‘Revisable: The Beauty, Limitations and Problems with Science’ by Hamza Tzortzis
3. ‘Darwinism 2.0: The Changing Face of Evolution’ by Subboor Ahmad
4. ‘Designed to Discover: How The Key Assumptions of Science Need God’ by Imran Hussein
5. ‘The Failed Hypothesis: A New Approach in Reconciling Science and the Qur’an’ by Hamza Tzortzis

Over 120 people attended the workshop to learn how Islam encourages scientific enquiry, that evolution is not a problem for Muslims, and how the key assumptions of science require God’s existence.

The workshop included presentations on the beauty of science, including its limitations and philosophy. There was also an exclusive presentation on the correct approach in reconciling and understanding science and the Quran.

After lunch, an exclusive presentation was delivered by Dr Farid Khan, PhD (Cantab), MSc. BSc. The presentation highlighted the amazing research Dr Khan is heading up, and encouraged more people to get involved in the field of scientific research.

Dr Khan is the winner of many prestigious awards from the scientific community, including the ‘Alumni Achievement Award 2013’ from the Vice Chancellor of Salford University for contribution in drug discovery and human healthcare, the ‘Fazlur Rahman Khan Award’ for excellence in Engineering, Science and Technology 2014, which was presented by Prime Minister David Cameron, and the APPS award ‘Allied Health Professional’ of the Year 2014.

Dr Khan said he was delighted and honoured to be presenting at Salford University where his incredible journey into scientific research had begun.

The day ended with an engaging question and answer session for all the speakers who answered several queries about the topics they addressed.

Following on from this successful workshop, iERA are planning to deliver this workshop across the UK including Birmingham, Cardiff and the north east, as well as a publication coming very soon, insha’Allah!