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They Are Ready To Convey The Call!

They Are Ready To Convey The Call!


iERA is most probably best known for its dawah training courses. 48 hours after announcing it’s next single weekend course – it was sold out with many more registered on the waiting list.

With a fully packed classroom, the course began with getting the attendees into the right mindset, reminding them of the reason they were there and getting them to focus on correcting their intention.

Following this, iERA’s GORAP conversation framework was broken down and overviewed for the attendees with each of its base parts – Gods Existence, Oneness, Revelation and Prophethood explained.

After that, everyone was reminded of the importance of having immaculate character when being involved in conveying the call. An important reminder was shared that the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him was sent to perfect good character and the fact that whenever he, peace be upon him,  would speak to anyone, they would feel as if they were the most important person to him. This is the character we need to emulate when sharing the message of Islam.

How To Convey The Call iERA Dawah Training CourseWith this foundation, we dived into the core of the course, discussing the reality of the fitrah; the innate nature of man which already contains the reality of God and how understanding this nature should shape our approach in connecting with others. Finally, we covered the GORAP framework in some detail, concluding the course by focusing on welcoming and empowering new Muslims, something that’s generally neglected these days.

During the course, there were a number of positive interactions and excellent questions asked. One of the most beautiful moments was when the penny seemed to drop for everyone with regards to how much Allah has done for us all and how He has favored us over so many others, continuously showering us with his blessings. The realization that everyone had, was that the least we could do is share this beautiful way of life, Islam, with others.

Overall the course was a success with the attendees leaving feeling empowered and motivated to engage in this noble work. Before leaving, each attendee received a selection of our publications to read for themselves, then share with others as part of their personal efforts in continuing the Prophetic Mission.

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