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The Prophetic Post – December 2017

The Prophetic Post – December 2017



It’s been another global month for iERA!

iERA conveys the call across all six continents of the world. As part of continuing the Prophetic Mission, we’ve travelled to Europe, North America and Africa!

In Africa, we visited the southeast African nations of Malawi and Zambia to continue the development of our base of operations there through dawah training and practical outreach activities.

In North America, we once again make a trip ‘across the pond’ to Toronto, Canada to help them tackle the rise of atheism with compassion and reason through lectures and our dawah training.

In Europe, we continued our activities across London and in particular at the iconic site of Leicester Square.


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iERA is truly committed to conveying the call across the world.

USA Activities: ICNA & Interfaith

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