We strongly condemn the violent terrorist attack which has taken the lives of so many innocent New Zealanders as they went about their peaceful practice of worship at Mosques in Christchurch today. Our prayers are with the victims and with their loved ones. May God have mercy on them and grant a speedy recovery to […]
Feast your eyes on this: North America, Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and finally Oceania! We are officially in six continents across the globe! All praise to God! Our nineteen outreach specialists around the globe have taken 1,767 shahadas, have supported 1,896 new Muslims and taught 1,356 how to pray. We have also distributed over 223,000 […]
In September 2018 iERA Outreach Specialists Murtaza Chaudhary and Imran Hussein were invited to Milan (Italy) to deliver a weekend of dawah and New Muslim empowerment training. iERA were invited by the local Imam, Shaykh Usama El-Santawy to train his diverse and dynamic Italian community. iERA have been working with the Milano Muslim community and […]
In the early hours of Sunday morning, the iERA team left Bogo City and headed off to travel by ferry to Bantayan Island to Convey the Call and to reconnect humanity back to God. Enroute to the port and before boarding the ferry, the travelling team were invited to Cebu Madinah Mosque, a local masjid […]
Between 2 – 11 November 2018, join the #iERA team, including CEO Hamza Andreas Tzortzis in#Canada conveying the call and continuing the#PropheticMission. Fri 2nd The Mirage of Atheism Islamic Institute of Toronto [6 pm] FB: Islamicinstituteoftoronto Iit www.islam.ca Sat 3rd A Conversation on God Hamza Tzortzis & Dr John Varvaeke [7 pm] Uni. of Toronto, Mississauga Room: IB110 FB: […]
Recently, iERA Outreach Specialist Kyoichiro Sugimoto in Japan has had ample opportunities to speak with Buddhists extensively with regards to their perspective of life. From his discussions, their perspective is that life equals suffering — in summary, life does not always go the way we would like it to go. Firstly, we are born into […]
Just over two hundred Non-Muslim guests, the majority of whom were from a Christian background, visited the iERA Jesus Exhibition in Bahrain in September 2018 — including officials and diplomats — many of which came to understand the basic concepts of Islam by the end of the event. For the majority of the guests, the […]
iERAs whirlwind tour of Australia in September 2018 took in in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with a myriad of activities including open-air lectures, academic debates, keynote speeches, dawah training courses, outreach activities, strategic meetings with leading Australian organisations and much much more. The trip also resulted in iERA hiring an Outreach Specialist that will continue […]