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Pagbisita sa iERA Jesus Exhibition sa Bahrain


Just over two hundred Non-Muslim guests, the majority of whom were from a Christian background, visited the iERA Jesus Exhibition in Bahrain in September 2018 — including officials and diplomats — many of which came to understand the basic concepts of Islam by the end of the event.

For the majority of the guests, the Exhibition was the highlight of the event, as they never heard about Muslim’s appreciation of the Prophet Jesus (as). Most of the visitors were taken through a guided tour of the exhibition banners. The banners serve as an interactive story which takes the guest through the story of Jesus (as) from Islam’s understanding — as it was narrated in the Holy Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah.

iERA International Outreach Specialist in the GCC, Ali Beshara was part of the organising committee, and he had many engagements at the exhibition. Among the interesting topics discussed during the day was the fact that it’s a part of the Muslims faith to believe in the miraculous birth of Prophet Jesus. Another topic discussed was that all Muslims believe in the prophets that came before him as well. One of the main aims of the Jesus Exhibition is to clear misconceptions about Islam and engage with people from other faiths by building bridges among society members.

This significant event was organised in partnership with ‘Discover Islam Bahrain’ in the Gudhaibia area, which is the favourite residential area for Filipino expats who make up 7% of the population, working in Bahrain. The event took place in the Gudhaibia Grand Mosque — considered as one of the iconic mosques in Bahrain.