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Weekly New Muslim Class

This weekly New Muslim class will give you an opportunity to learn and practice Islam at your own pace, whilst meeting other people who are on the same journey as you.

Every week we’ll explore a different topic to help you build and grow your Islam

Classes are free and will be held online once a week with a classroom session and interactive discussion.

Register now for the next series of online classes which will run from Sunday 26th August 2018 – Sunday 11th November 2018

Class Breakdown

The New Muslim Classes will be held once a week online with an interactive discussion.

  • Session 1: Welcome To The Course – Giving you an overview of Islam and what you’ll be covering through this course.
  • Session 2: Setting the Foundations – Getting to know and understand who Allah is and why He deserves to be worshipped.
  • Session 3: The Guidance – Understanding the message of all the prophets and messengers and the books they were given.
  • Session 4: Establishing the Foundations – Getting to know the 5 pillars that Islam is built upon.
  • Session 5: The 3 Categories of Tawheed – Understanding Allah’s uniqueness in Lordship, Names and Attributes and Worship.
  • Session 6: The 5 Pillars: The Shahada (Part 1) – Understanding tawheed and it’s opposite – associating partners with Allah (shirk).
  • Session 7: The 5 Pillars: The Shahada (Part 2) – Getting to know our role model – the Prophet Muhammad
  • Session 8: The 5 Pillars: Salah – Understanding and establishing your connection with Allah through the prayer
  • Session 9: The 5 Pillars: Charity – Understanding the reasons and benefits behind compulsory charity in Islam – zakat.
  • Session 10: The 5 Pillars: Fasting – Understanding the concept of fasting in Islam and its intended physical and spiritual outcomes.
  • Session 11: The 5 Pillars: Pilgrimage – Understanding the act of pilgrimage, it’s history and spiritual benefits.
  • Session 12: Challenges of Life – How to understand and respond positively to life’s challenges.
  • Session 13: Protecting Your Faith – Understanding shaytans mission and how to overcome his traps.
  • Session 14: Preparing to Meet Your Lord – Understanding the reality of life – death, and how to prepare for it so we reach our ultimate destination.