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Online Seminar: Does Islam Need Feminism?

Online Seminar: Does Islam Need Feminism?


Some say Islam needs feminism, others say Muslims need feminism.

What do you say?

Far too often Islam’s vision for womanhood is viewed through the narrow prism of one or two laws that the media or popular society happens to be sensationalising at any one time. This reductionist approach to looking at what Islam says about women is not only a gross misrepresentation – it is wholly unjust and leads to people having doubts about Islam.

In this seminar we explore in a holistic way, through the Islamic texts themselves, what the Creator has really said to and about women. What you will discover will leave you in no doubt that the Creator loves and honours women and that Islam is the true answer to the exploitation and degradation of women that has become so normal in our world.

What was is that made Lady Elizabeth Craven in her 18th Century memoir ‘A Journey Through the Crimea to Constantinople’, say about women living under Islamic governance:

“I think them in their manner of living, capable of being the happiest creatures breathing?”

Common Contentions

We look at common contentions and answer questions such as:

Does Islam have a male bias? Did the Prophet Muhammad sanction the oppression of women or did he emancipate them? What about oppression of women taking place in the Muslim world today?

Renowned feminist and author of ‘The Female Eunuch’ Germaine Greer recently said regarding the aftermath of the second and third waves of feminism:

“Liberation hasn’t happened, even sexual liberation didn’t happen…what happened was that commercial pornography was liberated, fantasy was liberated, but people weren’t liberated.”

So what exactly is feminism? Does Islam need a feminist movement from within?

In this seminar we look back at the history of the feminist movement with some eye-opening revelations about the history and plight of women in Europe. We ask what, if anything, is wrong with advocating an Islamic feminism? What is the solution for the problem of the oppression of women?

This seminar will reconnect you to Allah’s words and give you a new found clarity.