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Catholic Man Isn’t Frightened Of Islam Anymore

Catholic Man Isn’t Frightened Of Islam Anymore


iERA’s Jesus Exhibition tour continued at  Newcastle City Library on Saturday 20th January 2018 The Jesus Exhibition is a culmination of a series of banners highlighting the importance of Jesus and his place amongst the top 5 most influential Prophets within Islam.

Mikayl Yayha (a revert who attended iERA’s New Muslim Retreats when he first embraced Islam in 2011) delivered two talks on ‘Why Muslims love Jesus.’ During these talks, he referenced our most popular online shop item Jesus: Man, Messenger and Messiah book, order for free now!

For those reading who appreciate metrics, 20 iERA volunteers engaged with 150 individuals and distributed 200 Qurans in English, 200 Jesus Books and 150 Jesus leaflets.

Christine – Bridging the Gap Between Two Faiths

Christine, a middle-aged self-confessed Catholic, spoke to iERA volunteer Marium Zamir about the similarities between Christianity and Islam.

Christine went on to give her perspective on the common ground shared between the two faiths. Sharing her insight and understanding of the Trinity, the conversation moved into the territory of Islam’s opinion on the divinity of Jesus. Marium explained how Jesus is a revered Prophet within why we as Muslims believe Jesus was a mighty messenger but not the Lord.

Kevin Listens To Surah Maryam

iERA’s Education Manager Sohail Arshad had a conversation with a gentleman by the name of Kevin listening to the 19th Chapter titled Surah Maryam in the Qur’an booth.

Kevin a self-proclaimed ex-Catholic, accepted Buddhism during his search for the meaning of life. During his conversation with Sohail, Kevin himself highlighted the similarities between Christianity. However, Sohail iterated the key difference between the two faiths, which Kevin agreed with – Islam’s perspective being that Jesus was nothing more than a prophet. Kevin took wanted to gain a further insight into the Quran took a copy of it.

A Catholic’s Review of the Jesus Exhibition

Joe initiated a conversation with iERA volunteer Marium, explaining to her that he’s a follower Catholicism. Joe found the exhibition riveting and insisted that such an event should be held nationwide (we explained it is and actually it’s an international exhibition). Joe described the anti-Muslim sentiment strengthening in recent times and that all it takes is a positive conversation to quell such negativity. Joe took away copies of the Qur’an and Jesus book, for himself and another set of copies for his priest, who he was seeing at Mass later on that evening. However, Joe was bemused about why some Muslim women cover up more than others. We explained why we wear it and why some wear the niqab and introduced him to Simi from the USA who wears a niqab, and he said he isn’t as ‘frightened’ anymore because he knows we are all human beings. He said it’s such a good event and that it’s needed everywhere.