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New Muslim Retreat Highlights

New Muslim Retreat Highlights


The Journey of Life retreat was a rare opportunity for new Muslims to eat, pray and live Islam in an uplifting environment. This was the 11th retreat iERA has run to date and it surpassed all expectations.

Some of the Topics covered in The Journey of Life include:

  • Overcoming life’s tests
  • The foundations of worship
  • The challenges of life

The Journey of Life was a four-day all-inclusive residential retreat that empowered the new Muslim participants. The aim was to facilitate growth in their knowledge and build a deeper connection with Allah.  The retreat encouraged the practice of Islam through an ethos of knowledge and learning. The attendees had the opportunity to establish the prayer in congregation and enjoy the beauty of the Islamic brotherhood/sisterhood. The retreat’s main success (by Allah’s permission) was the attendees’ internalisation of Islamic principles and values. Every team member provided the utmost level of care in ensuring each attendee experienced true Islamic character, behaviour and hospitality. The observation and learning of the prayer was a key element of the retreat, alongside the true Islamic brotherhood/sisterhood and companionship.

The retreat included the following educational and experiential components:

  • Prayer Workshops
  • Foundational Islamic Classes
  • Practical workshops for new Muslims
  • Eat, Pray and live Islam for four days
  • Brotherhood / Sisterhood environment

Although quite intensive, the retreat allowed for the development and growth of each attendee to develop every aspect of their Islamic identity.

The retreat was an improvement from the last events. Two new modules were delivered:

  1. Learning how to explain Islam to family, friends and colleagues using the GORAP method and,
  2. Being Muslim in Society; looking at being balanced in all affairs of Islam and avoiding going to extremes.

Some of the attendees came from as far as Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway and Ireland, with the majority coming from different parts of the UK.

There were many transformational moments with attendees witnessed by the team. Here are some statements from the volunteers and attendees:

“Asalaam alaikum, one of my companions didn’t know how to pray at all; she didn’t know what one unit of prayer looked like. By the end of the retreat, she understood how to pray and became very familiar with the units of prayer and actions. She messaged me when she got home saying ‘alhamdullilah I finally know how to pray!’ There was also the sister that said she wished her university ISOC was more active on the first day of the retreat. On the final day she had decided she was going to go back to uni and run the ISOC because she was so inspired by the retreat.” Shamsa, Middlesbrough (iERA Team)

“One of my companions didn’t know al-Fatiha and the basics of salah such as ablution/prostration/ruku etc she only had a rough idea and didn’t know what to say in her prayers and by the time she left she told me she is confident with Salah after as a result of the retreat and now she’s  just working on the Arabic. We set one weeks challenge together that she would listen to Al Fatiha on her headphones every morning or evening and by the end of the week I will listen to it and see how she is inshallah.” Mariam, London (iERA Team)

“Salam alaykum brothers! How is everyone today? Did the weekend really happen….? What an amazing experience!! Alhamdulillah!! Feels so surreal and I am trying to digest it all. A massive thank you for the input from the Sheikhs, all the brothers leading the workshops, the sisters for their hard work which goes unseen and to all the attendees!! May Allah bless you all richly in deen and good health! I am deeply grateful for all of you!! Have a blessed day!” Adam, London

“Salam guys, Adam has hit the nail on the head, a big thanks to everyone from the iERA team may Allah bless all of you’s, ameen” Jay, Liverpool

The journey of Life is followed by The journey of the Believers which is a continuation of the journey. This retreat aims to develop the attendees further and build upon their foundations they have recently established, inshaaAllah.

The next retreat The Journey of the Believer is quickly approaching. Register now!