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#MuslimsLoveJesus All Over The World!

#MuslimsLoveJesus All Over The World!


Easter is a time of reflection for Christians all around the world. As Muslims, our understanding of the great personality and Prophet that is Jesus differs in some ways from our Christian brothers and sisters. As such, following the warm reception of our Jesus – Blessed By God campaign in the UK over the Christmas period, iERA expanded the campaign to every continent of the world.

iERA teams in Australia, Brazil, Nigeria, Palestine, USA and the UK went out over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend to share the true teachings of Jesus with our brothers and sisters in humanity. The campaign was also independently run by community outreach organisations in Barbados, Hong Kong, India, Nepal and Saudi Arabia.

Each of these teams were equipped by iERA with specialised dawah training on Christianity, as well as new dawah materials, banners and ‘conversation-creating’ t-shirts to help them engage people in a warm and friendly conversation about Jesus.

This campaign also saw the launch of our new publication: Jesus: Man, Messenger, Messiah. This book explores and demystifies Jesus – his life, teachings, personality and mission. It highlights commonalities but also examines differences between Christianity and Islam. This book explains where and how the Qur’an challenges the traditional Christian narrative. In doing so, it presents the reader with a compelling and clear understanding of Jesus and his true message. The book also demonstrates why the Qur’an is the ‘missing link’, that all important ‘bridge’ connecting Judaism and Christianity, uniting all of the Abrahamic faiths.


In Australia the team in Melbourne went out and conveyed the message and had many amazing and positive interactions and conversations.

In Melbourne, Australia, Paul got his copy of the book and took a t-shirt!


In Brazil the local team went out and delivered the message to many Christians in the city of Sao Paulo.


In the city of Abuja in Nigeria the local outreach team went out on Saturday and Easter Sunday and spoke to the local community at Mararaba Market and Millenium Park .and the response was fantastic. Local Christians saw the team and were surprised and excited to hear about the Islamic narrative of Jesus. The distinctive campaign T-Shirts with Jesus on the front helped to attract this interest. The Dawah table was constantly overcrowded by people who were interested in the booklet and the new book, Jesus – Man, Messenger, Messiah. A local TV station, i-Media TV, covered the activity with amazing testimonials from passers by.

Speaking About Jesus In Nigeria
iERA Engaging With A Priest In Jerusalem


In Jerusalem the local outreach team was out during the busy Easter period as many Christian Pilgrims visit the Holy Land during that time. Christians from all across the world were surprised to find that their was another faith that also believed in Jesus. As a result three people, a man from Germany and two South American Women, accepted the message and took the testimony of faith and became Muslim by the permission of Allah.


In Baltimore, after receiving dawah training from iERA Instructor Fahad Tasleem at the MAS-ICNA Conference, 250 Muslims went out to the inner harbour to convey the peaceful, compassionate and tolerant message of Islam. As a result of the numerous positive interactions and conversations, two people embraced the message and decided to take the testimony of faith and become Muslims with the permission of Allah.