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Muslims Around The World Show Love On Global Messenger Day

Muslims Around The World Show Love On Global Messenger Day


On Saturday 16th May 2015, in every corner of the world, Muslims were asking one question: “Who Do You Love?”

The Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) organised a worldwide grassroots campaign encouraging Muslims to share the life, teachings and values of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with the general public.

Global Reach

The ‘Who Do You Love?’ Global Messenger Day took place in more than 90 cities around the world, with Muslims of every possible race, nationality and background coming out to explain why they love the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The ‘Who Do You Love?’ campaign reached over 3.5 million people on Facebook, including more than 1,000 photos from around the world. On Twitter, we surpassed 2,000 tweets per hour on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May.

Media Coverage of The Campaign

Shaykh Muhammed Salah endorsing the campaign on Huda TV.  He is a well known and respected scholar throughout Egypt and the Middle East.

Shaykh Nabil al Alawadhy also supported the campaign on Twitter and Instagram, where he has over 5.9 million followers online, and is also a very prominent scholar who regularly appears on Arabic TV channels.

Press TV

Buzzfeed: Smiles And Roses: Muslims Spread The Message Of Love And Mercy On Global Messenger Day

5Pillars: Thousands of Muslims come out for Global Messenger Day

A BBC journalist attended the training session delivered by Hamza Tzortzis in London, filmed the teams for a documentary on ‘Islam in Britain’ to be broadcast after Ramadan inshaa’Allah.

Global Volunteer Teams

Here are some of the many videos produced from the various teams around the world including Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Austria, Kosovo and more:

New Muslims

33 people embraced Islam with the permission of Allah on the day of the campaign and in the run up to the Global Messenger Day.

Materials Distributed

Over 10,000 dawah materials were distributed including Qur’ans, flyers, seerah books and dawah initiation cards with ahadith written on them.

The materials were translated and printed in numerous languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish,Bosnian, Albanian, Norwegian Finnish, Polish, Danish, Maharati,Tagalog, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Thai.

Support This Campaign

At this current time of growing apprehension between communities, iERA felt it was important to convey the message of mercy, compassion and truth that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came with, for the betterment of the whole of humanity.

iERA calls upon all Muslim communities around the world to take up the ‘Who Do You Love?’ campaign, continuing the great interfaith and community building work that we saw on the Global Messenger Day.

Please support this campaign by clicking here and donating towards it.

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Highlights from around the world:

In London, Newcastle upon-tyne, Toronto and many other cities, volunteers handed out roses to the public with sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on them.
In Singapore, volunteers engaged with and invited Buddhist monks to learn about Islam and visit the mosque.
In Muscat and Malé, volunteers spoke to people attending mosque open days that they had arranged.
In Jerusalem, the local community put up ‘Who Do You Love?’ billboards for everyone to see and get involved with the Global Messenger Day.
In Casablanca, the local community organised a conference for people to come and learn more about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
In Sao Paulo, the local community hoisted a marquee on the famous Paulista Avenue and spoke to passers by about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

In Kuala Lumpur, volunteers distributed free bottles of water and food, again with sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on them.
In Bonn, volunteers wearing the iconic ‘Who Do You Love?’ t-shirts challenged far-right extremists with love and compassion.
In B arcelona, volunteers arranged for non-Muslim women to wear the hijab as a way of breaking down the barriers people may have.
In Cairo, volunteers printed ‘Who Do You Love?’ bookmarks with sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and distributed them to tourists visiting their historic city.
In Medellín, a group of sisters donned their own ‘Who Do You Love?’ hijabs and took to the streets to share the message of Islam.
In Sydney, volunteers, in the spirit of embodying what the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) taught, went out and helped the homeless.

Finally, in London, Michael (on the left) a homeless man who lives on the streets, approached the volunteers to ask about Islam. They took him to East London Mosque where he had a shower. They then bought him some new clothes and took him out for dinner. Another brother taught him ablution (wudu) and how to pray, after which he joined them for Magrib salaah. He said he’d never felt anything like what he felt in (prostration) sujood. The volunteers left him in the masjid with their contact details so they can keep in touch. May Allah guide him and us to the straight path. Ameen.