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Muslim Youth Inspiring Peers to find out about Islam


On Saturday 8th November, iERA organised an outreach event in Ilford, London to support the local community centre in sharing the message of Islam.

A team from iERA delivered a short dawah training workshop after the midday prayer at Dar-Us-Salam Community Centre on Church Road. Dar-Us-Salam, which means ‘land of peace and safety’ in Arabic is an apt description of the workshops content which looks at how to share the basic teachings of Islam; To worship God alone without partners, to follow all His Prophets, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed (may God’s peace be upon them all, upon the path of goodness.

After completing the afternoon prayer, the group headed out to ‘The Exchange’ shopping centre. Situated right in the heart of Ilford, ‘The Exchange’ houses over 80 stores, cafés and independent boutiques. It also has a large pedestrian area which is where the team settled in to mingle with the shoppers, striking up conversations about Islam to create awareness.

After a few hours and a host of beneficial discussions the team met a young man of half african/caribbean origin who shyly approached the team, interested in getting a copy of the Qur’an.

The team were happy to oblige and got into a cordial conversation about what led him to ask for a copy of Islam’s Holy Book. It turns out that he has a number of Muslim friends and being inspired by their manner and character, he wanted to find out for himself what Islam teaches.

After receiving a copy of it he thanked the team and went away with a much deeper understanding about Islam and a vow to read the Qur’an for himself.

If you would like to arrange for iERA to come to your local mosque or community centre email [email protected] or click here.