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Muslim Winter Support is coming to a town near you!

Muslim Winter Support is coming to a town near you!


For some of us, the snowfall brings immense difficulty and hardship in coping with our daily routine and chores. Many of us have help at hand with family, friends and neighbours at our disposal. However, there are vulnerable members of our communities who don’t have access to this much needed assistance.

The elderly are the most affected during this time of the year. Heavy snowfall can result in missing medical appointments, shopping for food, electric and gas, and other urgent requirements.

As Muslims we have a responsibility to assist our neighbours and the needy during times of hardship. There are massive disruptions due to snow and local people must take the initiative. People of faith should be at the forefront of such campaigns.

This is why the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) are putting on their winter gear in preparation for clearing the streets of snow.

Since 2012 we have mobilised teams of volunteers across the country in Cambridge, Leicester, Gloucester, Reading, Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

Newcastle City Council awarded the Newcastle team with a community award for the Elswick ward for the snow clean-up initiative.

Based on this encouraging response, iERA have increased the number of volunteers dispatched to more towns and cities this winter, including: Birmingham, Leicester, Luton, Newcastle, Bedford, London, Teesside and Oldham.

People of all faiths and none can get involved with this project by contacting iERA on the details provided below.

All shovelling equipment and high visibility jackets will be provided by your local Muslim Winter Support organisation

Head of Community Development

E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0) 7811 164 299
W: www.iera.org


The Muslim Winter Support was previously known as the ‘Muslim Snow Patrol’, which was held in a number of towns and cities in the UK by local Muslim organisations who received logistical and structural support from iERA.

This year, iERA will be taking the Muslim Winter Support initiative nationwide by coordinating with more organisations around the country under its official banner. We also plan to roll out this campaign internationally – countries will include Sweden, Poland, Finland and Canada.


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