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Muhammad: Mercy To Mankind Campaign

Muhammad: Mercy To Mankind Campaign


In preparation for Ramadan 2018, iERA are humbled to announce the launch of their newest global campaign — Muhammad: Mercy To Mankind.

The whole campaign revolves around exemplifying the mercy of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to those who are not already familiar with him or his teachings.

To show this, we produced a range of beautifully designed and more importantly awe inspiring dawah materials. These include an elegantly designed semi-circular booklet entitled ‘Words of Mercy’ and eye-catching gift cards dubbed ‘Cards of Mercy’. These were housed for the public to take from a beautifully designed Pavilion which drew in passersby all by itself.

Peterborough — ‘Gifts For the Public’

After the team’s collective efforts from conception to design of the materials we needed to bestow this initiative to the public. The first location chosen for the campaign was Peterborough. The local council graciously allowed us to visit their City and promote the peaceful message of Islam. The council designated a central point within the city centre which was a perfect location for the pavilion along with a small stall.

Our iERA branded coffee cart hired out for the day

The stall contained special gift bags with our aforementioned materials dubbed ‘Gifts of Mercy’ which were made up of our new dawah materials along with a small jar of honey, a date and a stress ball — whilst the pavilion housed the cards which were on display within their full glory. To make the occasion even more special for the locals, we brought along a coffee cart to distribute free hot drinks, an ideal gift on a freezing cold day (-3C°). We had many positive engagements and interactions on the day, some loved the fact that we were out in the open raising awareness — representing our faith in a positive light — whilst others appreciated the gesture of the gifts.

Wembley — ‘Am I Special?!’

Following up the launch in Peterborough, our next location was Wembley Central. The main onus of this trip tested the effectiveness of the ‘Cards of Mercy’ solely — the result — people loved them! They are designed like gift cards and are made up of eleven different designs covering different topics such as; loving your parents, forgiveness, gratitude etc.

Our display holding all the ‘Gifts of Mercy’ cards

Each card centres around a statement on the outside with a soul touching hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on the inside related to the topic. These little cards had a profound impact on the locals, where an old lady — by the name of Caroline — approached us reading the card aloud as she picked it up: “You’re the richest person in the world…” As she read this she smiled and said “that’s certainly not me”

iERA Outreach Specialist Imran Hussein replied to her: “I think you are” whilst opening the card and revealing to her the saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on the inside, which read “Richness is not having many possessions. Rather, true richness is the richness of the soul” — upon hearing this, she was pleasantly surprised and taken back. The words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) obviously had a deep impact on her!

The times we live in people tend to generally focus upon outward matters and seldom reflect introspectively — when we are reminded of the true proponents of life — the inner core of our being is touched, such as the case of Caroline.

Alhamdullilah, a multitude of people from all types of backgrounds had lots of people take a lot of material and more importantly internalising the material.

During the day there were many positive interactions and we will be looking to continue the Mercy to Mankind campaign throughout the blessed Ramadan and beyond (God willing!) informing people of the greatest man to have ever lived!

To get involved in this campaign or to order some of our latest dawah materials, please visit iera.org/mercy-campaign