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Media Meltdown Over Global Dawah!

Media Meltdown Over Global Dawah!


On Saturday 20th August 2016, iERA volunteer teams in 160 countries took to the streets to convey a peaceful and compassionate case for Islam in their communities.

From east to west, from north to south, people of every colour, race and religion, from every corner of the globe were invited to Islam as a complete way of life.

24 hours – 6 continents – 160 countries – 1 call – the call to Islam!

Hence, it was no surprise that media outlets from across the world took an interest in covering the Prophetic Mission. With Istanbul being the centre point of the World Dawah Mission, all of Turkey’s major newspapers and TV stations gathered to film Hamza Tzortzis and our 200 strong team of volunteers covey the call and carry Prophetic mission to the masses.

Leading Muslim websites in the UK and the US, national newspapers in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the local press in African nations, and TV channels across Asia all reported on this historic day.

Media outlets included:

  • TRT World
  • ESporte Brasil
  • Bahrain News Agency
  • Muslim Matters

And many more!

See all the media reports, articles and videos on our interactive world map below:

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