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Message from iERA Chairman – Abdurraheem Green

Message from iERA Chairman – Abdurraheem Green


As salaam alaykum Brothers and Sisters

I hope this message reaches you all in the best of health and eman.

Alhamdulillah May has been another busy time for the iERA team but I want to use this opportunity to highlight some key areas of focus that your generous donations have allowed us to achieve mashaa’Allah.

• The ‘Who Do You Love?’ Global Messenger Day in over 50 countries worldwide.
• The launch of our next ‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ event on: ‘Does Islam Clash with British values?’
• International training in the USA and Hong Kong
• Instructor training for iERA North America

The ‘Who Do You Love?’ Global Messenger Day

On Saturday 16th May 2015, we organised our largest ever ‘Global Dawah Day’ to coincide with the launch of our newest dawah campaign – “Who Do You Love?”

This ongoing campaign aims to inspiring thousands of Muslims around the world to positively engage with the wider non-Muslim community by informing them about the one whom they love, Muhammad ﷺ and share true message of Islam.

James accepted Islam with the local Kenya dawah team during the campaign

In an age where the character of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his message is constantly vilified, it is important that as Muslims we engage productively to change these false perceptions.

Over the past several months, the Mission Dawah team have been working tirelessly on this campaign. Months of writing, planning, filming, meetings, engagement and preparation finally resulted in a day where teams from over 50 countries across 6 continents took to the streets to share their love of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

International teams were trained and equipped with material to help roll out the message of the campaign, asking the public to contemplate on ‘Who Do You Love?’, whilst informing them of the person Muslims love, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.


Dominic from Australia was one of the many people to accept Islam during the campaign. He was in tears after listening to Surah Ar Rahman!

From as far as the United States to the Philippines and everywhere in between, the campaign had a huge impact with over 50 people being guided to Islam with the permission of Allah ﷻ, and many new volunteer dawah teams being set!

In total 53 countries took part alhamdulilah including:

Bahrain, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Kuwait, Singapore, Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, Hong Kong ( China), Jerusalem, Japan, Lebanon, Norway, Kosovo, Poland, Austria, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Bosnia, Spain, Albania, Sweden, The Republic of Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Oman, Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Mauritius, Nigeria, Maldives, Morocco, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia, Zambia, and Qatar.

Media Coverage of The Campaign

Shaykh Muhammed Salah supporting the campaign on Huda TV:

Press TV

Buzzfeed: Smiles And Roses: Muslims Spread The Message Of Love And Mercy On Global Messenger Day

5Pillars: Thousands of Muslims come out for Global Messenger Day

A BBC journalist attended the training session delivered by Hamza Tzortzis in London, filmed the teams for a documentary on ‘Islam in Britain’ to be broadcast after Ramadan inshaa’Allah.

And here are some of the many videos produced from the various teams around the world including Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Austria, Kosovo and more:

I hope this demonstrates the hard work the iERA team have been engaged in. We pray that Allah ﷻ accepts this effort from the team and you all.

Take a look on our YouTube channel for more videos and for further information please visit www.iera.org

The ‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ Campaign

After the successful launch of iERA’s ‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ campaign in January 2015 in response to the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, and the huge support for its inaugural ‘The Big Question’ event on the topic ‘How Free is Speech?’ in February, we will be holding a second cross panel debate to discuss another contentious topic relating to the Muslim community, which has dominated the British media in recent months – British Values.

During a climate of increasing Islamophobia and the rise of far-right groups in the UK, Muslims have found themselves in a situation where they are frequently labelled “extremists” for supposedly failing to accept ‘British values’ – a term which means many things to different people.

As part of our ‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ campaign, iERA will be holding a cross panel discussion on whether Islam as a comprehensive belief system is compatible with British values.

The public event will be held on Friday 12th June 2015 in London, and will include prominent academics, journalists and activists. The main objective of organising such events is to create a platform for people with different religious and political views to engage in positive and civilised dialogue.

To book your ticket for the upcoming event, ‘Does Islam Clash With British Values?’ please visit: https://iera.org/event/big-question-islam-clash-british-values

You can watch the discussion from our last ‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ event here:

iERA are planning to make ‘Don’t Hate, Debate!’ a national campaign and is collaborating with other Muslim organisations across the UK to relay a positive and holistic message of Islam.

International Trips

iERA’s Head of Education and Research, Hamza Tzortzis, visited Texas and Hong Kong this month to deliver dawah training courses and Islamic lectures. These were very well received and students felt empowered and equipped to be part of the global dawah movement.

Partnership with Islamic Online University

The IOU advanced diploma delivery programme ‘NO DOUBT’ which began last month, continued into May with many students from across the world logging in and taking part.

Instructor Training

Sheikh Fahad Tasleem from the USA came to UK to receive training in delivering the Eternal Challenge and Divine Reality workshops in States. He is going to deliver these courses across North America insha’Allah.

We Need Your Support!

None of this would be possible without the help of Allah ﷻ, through your kind donations. Please continue to support us. We have more ideas and campaigns but desperately need your financial support to help roll them out.

May Allah ﷻ count you amongst the successful, about which He (SWT) says:

“Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining righteousness and forbidding evil. And it is they who are the successful.” [Surah Al Imran, verse 104]