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Leicester Square Team Gets Bespoke Training


On Thursday 3rd September 2015, a special dawah training session was held at the iERA office in North West London for the Leicester Square Dawah Team. The training was requested by the team, as they felt that, because they were growing and gaining new team members weekly, it was a suitable time to get everyone trained up to a good standard, in order that they could confidently convey and articulate the peaceful message of Islam and make a positive case for it.

The Leicester Square Dawah Team hits the streets every Wednesday evening, where they set up a table and marquee, offering free Islamic literature to members of the public and also engage in positive conversations on existential questions about life and religion. The training was delivered by both Salahuddin Patel and Nadeem Ashraf.

Salahuddin Patel delivered iERAs dawah training course, where he explained iERA’s trademark GORAP dawah methodology on how to articulate the warm compassionate message of Islam to the wider public.

Nadeem Ashraf delivered a specific training on how to engage in street conversations. Nadeem used to be an expert street fundraiser for over 8 years, working for charities such as Amnesty International, UNICEF and Red Cross, and therefore possesses a depth of experience on how to stop strangers on the street. During this time, he was commonly known as ‘The Master Stopper’, and he has now used that experience and developed it into a fantastic training session specifically for the dawah.

Nadeem’s training touched on several key areas, ranging from street psychology, leaving good impressions and interactive street techniques. The attendees enjoyed the session and are now looking forward to implementing the techniques on the streets to become more effective when conveying the message of Islam in a warm compassionate manner.