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Launch of new training booking process

Launch of new training booking process


Training is at the core of what we do at iERA to continue the Prophetic Mission. With that in mind, we are happy to announce that all of our speaker and training requests have been centralised in an easy to complete the online form on the iERA Website.

All of our speakers from the UK and USA can be requested for any one of our 18 different training programmes, ranging from Advanced Dawah Training to a School Visit.

Our speakers have travelled all over the world to convey the message of Islam and have many years public speaking experience with well-established reputations amongst the Muslim community.

Want to request iERA come to your local community?

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UK Speakers:

Hamza Tzortzis (UK)

Imran Hussein (UK)

Murtada Chaudhary (UK)

Salahuddin Patel (UK)

Subboor Ahmad (UK)


USA Speakers:

Fahad Tasleem (TX, USA)

Imam Michael V Smith (DC/MD/VA USA)

Imam Anwar Arafat (TN, USA)

Mostafa Higazi (NJ, USA)

Muhammed Azad (DC, USA)


iERA offer the following programmes internationally. Find out more about each of the programmes before requesting a link.

  • Advanced Dawah Training Course (2 days)
  • Atheism Workshop (1 or 2 days)
  • Christianity Workshop (1 or 2 days)
  • Community Outreach Event (1-3 Days)
  • Dawah (Outreach) Training Workshop (1 day)
  • Empowering New Muslims Workshop (1 day)
  • Interfaith Event
  • ISOC/MSA Lecture
  • Jummah Khutbah (Friday Sermon)
  • New Muslim Educational Retreat (4 days)
  • Prophethood Workshop (1 day)
  • Public Debate/Discussion
  • Public Lecture (Workplace, Masjid, Community organisation etc.)
  • Revelation Workshop (1 day)
  • School Visit
  • Science and the Quran Workshop (1 or 2 days)
  • Specialist Dawah Training Course (5 days)
  • TV/Media Interview Request