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Are Islam and Evolution Compatible?


Biological evolution is a topic that is always on the table when it comes to any reasoned discussion about Islam at a university level. With that in mind, the Islamic Society (ISOC) at the London School of Economics (LSE) invited iERA to deliver a lecture about the compatibility of Islam and evolution. This was part of the LSE Discover Islam Week 2018.

iERA Outreach Specialist Subboor Ahmad spoke to a 50+ audience of mainly Muslim ISOC members from various disciplines across the university. His aim was to set the correct scene for them so that they will be prepared to answer questions from other students or answer the questions they themselves are asking on this important topic.

Subboor spoke at length about the misrepresentation of evolutionary biology by popular Atheist figures. He also spoke about the philosophy of science and biology. His engaging lecture also discussed epistemology, the theory of knowledge as well as important scientific issues that evolutionary biology is based upon.

The ‘aha’ moment came when the ISOC members understood that the science is not absolute and therefore not a problem for the Islamic discourse. They also walked away understanding that nothing in evolutionary biology disproves God.

Overall there was lots of positive engagement and lots of questions to clarify the concepts covered in the talk, with future engagements planned with the LSE ISOC.

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