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Islam and Atheism within the Netherlands

Islam and Atheism within the Netherlands


iERA tackles ‘God, Atheism and Islam’ in Amsterdam

The Netherlands has always prided itself on being at the forefront of liberalism and egalitarianism. However, these qualities bring forth a contemporary mindset, and with it, one of the fastest growing belief systems in the West – Atheism.

iERA was invited by the Islamitische Studentenvereniging Amsterdam – ISA at the beginning of October 2017, to deliver a seminar aimed at helping the local Muslim community in the capital city of Amsterdam, to be able to engage in respectful dialogue with atheists.

Hamza Tzortzis travelled to the Dutch-speaking nation to deliver this seminar, delving into the following three areas:

  1. The spiritual and rational arguments for why Allah is worthy of our worship.
  2. An examination of the self-evident truth of God’s existence
  3. An extensive question and answer session on Atheism and Islamic theism
Hamza Tzortzis speaking at 'God, Islam and Atheism' event in Amsterdam
Hamza Tzortzis speaking at ‘God, Islam and Atheism’ event in Amsterdam

The seminar summarised that gratitude is the key to worship in the Islamic tradition, and if we want to improve our worship, we must know, love, obey and direct all acts of worship to God alone. Additionally, the seminar helped the attendees to understand that God, as the creator and sustainer of all things, including ourselves, has a right to be worshipped, as a necessary fact of His existence. Finally, the audience was able to engage Hamza with their burning questions related to Atheism, a recording of which can be seen on iERA’s Facebook page.

To gain a further understanding of this topic, please watch our YouTube Video: Why Allah is Worthy of our Worship.


Conveying The Call in the Historic Religious Hub of Utrecht

In Netherlands, the Stichting Tasmim was put together with the aim of shaping solutions to the current challenges faced by the Muslim community. To that end, they invited iERA at the start of October 2017 to deliver a weekend dawah training course in the historic city of Utrecht.

iERA’s Subboor Ahmad and Hamza Tzortzis delivered the course that gives the attendees a clear and concise way to convey the call to Islam with compassion and reason.

After elaborating on iERA’s GORAP™ conversation framework, the instructors gave an example of a ‘model conversation’ before breaking the attendees up into groups for the most important part of the training – roleplay.

Subboor Ahmad teaching at the 2-day course in Utrecht

The key point to take away is that no matter the question, always bring the conversation back to making sure the questioner understands the concept of Islam through applying the GORAP™ framework.

A prominent attendee, who is a founding member of the MSA based in Amsterdam gave a glowing testimonial about the course and how it’ll help him in his future Dawah efforts:


“What stood out for me in this course is being introduced to the GORAP method, where it begins with a solid basis – Allah. By staying focused on the main talking points (GORAP) in every discussion, no matter how attractive it might be to talk about other sensitive subjects.” [Hamza Akkar]

The training also examined a number of specific topics such as Darwinism, the philosophy of science and the Quranic argument for God’s existence.

The workshop was attended by local theologians, students and activists. They left the course motivated and inspired to actively convey the call to Islam and will be looking to further add to their knowledge by having iERA return to deliver our advanced dawah training course in the near future insha’Allah

If you would like iERA to deliver a dawah training course in your community, simple request us by visiting www.iera.org/request.