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iERA Responds to Burn a Koran Day

iERA Responds to Burn a Koran Day


9th September 2010
The leader of a tiny U.S. church, Rev Terry Jones, has remained defiant in the face of mounting criticism and will proceed with the “International Burn a Koran Day”. This Saturday, which is September 11th , the international coalition will burn the Korans all over the world in remembrance of the fallen victims of 9/11 and to stand against the “evil of Islam”.

The Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) stands firm against this disgraceful act and
strongly advises that the Qur’an (Koran) should be read and studied, not burnt. Although this
highlights a worrying trend of double standards and hypocrisy concerning freedom of speech, which can be seen with the different reactions and statements concerning Islam and Muslims
on similar issues, iERA have decided to take a positive stance.

On the same day that the international burning will take place, iERA will distribute thousands of books called Quran: a small selection of verses in London and will have a literature stall on Oxford Street presenting Islam to the wider community. This emulates the method of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), which is to positively respond by presenting Islam to the wider society.

iERA’s media representative Hamza Tzortzis states “This whole campaign reminds us of the book burnings in humanity’s dark history. For instance in the 1480s Tomas Torquemada promoted the burning of non-Catholic literature, especially the Jewish Talmud, and in October 1526 William Tyndale’s English translation of the New Testament was burned in London by Cuthbert Tunstal, Bishop of London. iERA believes that people should read and positively engage with other people’s heritage which is in line with the Qur’an’s injunction ‘so you may know one another’”

Saqib Sattar, Vice-Chairman of iERA says “With the distribution of thousands of these books on the Qur’an in the world’s international capital, London, we hope this will be a symbolic move to show that the Muslim community is proactive and seeks to positively engage with the wider community. If people do not understand the Qur’an or have questions our organisation is dedicated in clarifying and demystifying our way of life.”