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iERA Looks To the Far East

iERA Looks To the Far East


iERA is dedicated to continuing the Prophetic Mission – sharing a compassionate and intelligent case for Islam with the entire world. To fulfil this Mission, March saw iERA embark on it’s first every Far East Tour, conveying the call in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand over the course of a couple of weeks.

The tour was organised on the ground by iERA International Outreach Specialist Fadhli Burhan. He was joined from the UK by iERA CEO Hamza Tzortzis and iERA Global Outreach Specialist Salahuddin Patel.

The tour kicked off in Malaysia with dawah training, reminders, community outreach, helping the homeless, a Jesus Exhibition and strategic meetings to help the Prophetic Mission grow in the predominantly Muslim country.

After a successful week of activity in Malaysia, the team then headed to The Philippines and were hosted by Fahad Sultan Abdullah the Chairman of Amanah Islamic Da’wah Center and Founder of Mission Da’wah Muslim Emergency Response. This was a very emotional trip for him and the other organisers as historically the ancestors of the people of the Philippines were originally Muslim but the through the work of Christian missionaries over 70% are now Christian.

In the capital city Manila, with word having spread about iERA’s arrival, more than 200 people turned up for iERA’s interactive Dawah Training Course. Individuals and organisations from across the islands came together to learn and implement iERA’s GORAP conversation framework.

With their newfound knowledge and confidence in sharing the message of Islam, a group of 80 attendees joined the iERA team in Luneta Park in the heart of Manila to give dawah. Through this open and positive community outreach, six people made the decision to embrace Islam.

Filipino Organisations That Received iERA Training

  1. Regional Da’wah Council of the Philippines
  2. United Da’wah Centers of Luzon
  3. ISCAG Philippines
  4. Baitus Salam (House of Peace)
  5. IORM Da’wah Center
  6. Discover Islam Bulacan
  7. Discover Islam Ilocos
  8. Da’wah Dasmarinas
  9. Darul Jamilah Da’wah Center
  10. Amaanah Islamic Da’wah Center
  11. Da’wah Dasmarinas
  12. Mujaddidath
  13. Philippine Muslim Women Union
  14. Invited from different Masjid
  15. Connect Institute Philippines

The final leg of iERA’s Far East Tour saw the iERA team deliver outreach training for Thai organisations from across the country at the Islamic Centre of Thailand at Ramkhamhaeng Soi 2.

The training was immediately followed up with practical outreach efforts taking place at the Sports Authority of Thailand in Ramkhamhaeng RD. The team set up the Dawah Table and sported the iERA Conveying the Call T-Shirts which helped to attract a lot of conversations.

Unlike the Philippines, where people are mainly Christian, Buddhism is the national religion of Thailand which opened up many interesting conversations and engagements by the attendees of iERA’s training.

Thai Organisations That Received iERA Training

  1. Bangkok Dawah Team
  2. Islam Talk
  3. The Islamic Way Foundation
  4. TIME – Thai International Muslim Engagement
  5. Thai Muslim Student Association
  6. Ummatee