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Building New-Muslim Friendly Communities

Building New-Muslim Friendly Communities

  • “Do new Muslims feel welcome in your community?
  • As a community, do you provide any social or educational activities for them?
  • Do you know how to help them deal with the common challenges they face when accepting Islam?
  • Do new Muslims remain and grow in your community or do they just take Shahada and then disappear?”

Don’t be disheartened, if you feel that the answer is “no” to the questions above as many communities are facing the same challenge but it’s not too late to change this situation!

Since 2010, we have been working with different communities across the UK, helping them in developing their new Muslims. These experiences have allowed us to develop a clear roadmap that would help any community who would like to support their new Muslims.

1- Inspiration & Motivation!

We start by arranging a motivational event in your Mosque so that you can inspire your community to be part of setting future activities for new Muslims. We will provide our speakers to address your community on this topic. Their inspiring stories will not only make your community realise the huge potential every single one of them has to create a difference in the life of a new Muslim but also the responsibility we have as the Ummah of the Prophet (saw) to welcome, educate and support our new brothers and sisters in Islam.

2- Training & Action! New Muslim Mentoring Course


Beyond the motivation, we have developed a one-day training course called Now Ready To Grow dedicated to teach you how to effectively welcome, educate and empower new Muslims from the very beginning of their journey to help them to build a solid foundation of Islam in their lives and Insha Allah become strong believers.

This course aims to:
– Change the way we think of new Muslims and understand the reality of their life.
– Avoid falling into the common mistakes in supporting new Muslims.
– Develop within yourself the potential that will make you a source of inspiration for new Muslims

3- Education & Participation! Weekly course for new Muslims

Step by Step is the weekly course designed for new Muslims that we are about to release for local communities to help their new Muslims building strong foundations. It is a weekly course of two hours – 13 sessions to be run for about three months.

The unique objective of this course is to equip the new Muslims with unshakable foundations that will allow them to become a strong believer and that will empower them to overcome and grow through the challenges of life.

This course comes with a full package (course materials, marketing materials, instructors training, etc.) that will support you to deliver it in the most effective way.


“The Manchester New Muslim Network has been working closely with the Muslim Now wing of iERA since 2010. We feel that had it not been for iERA, we would not have been able to carry out our role of supporting new Muslims to the level we have been over the past four years. iERA has continually provided us with much-needed insight into best practice by providing high-quality workshops, welcome packs, community educational courses and access to spiritual retreats that we simply feel we could not get from any other Muslim led organisation in the UK. We thank iERA for their continued support as we feel that they have contributed to our improvement exponentially to a level that we did not foresee at the turn of the decade.”

Ghulam Haydar, Chair of the Manchester New Muslim Network

Please email info@iera.org to  register your interest to run this campaign in your community: